WG Railways

Railway Lubricants Working Group

Mission Statement:

The goals of this committee are to collect today’s user requirements, standards and guidelines for the wheel/rail friction management with focus on KPI’s. Measurements and validation tools, test methods (laboratory and full scale), environment issues and maintenance strategies will also be collected from the different railways. EN 15427 will be used as guideline to structure this work.
The RLWG is now closed as all activities have been finalised and the Committee Members agreed that other potential topics can be handled in other WGs further on. The original aim of the working group was to develop a test which could be used to evaluate the performance of both railway top of rail friction modifiers and flange greases for inclusion in the EN15427 specification (rail/wheel friction management). This work is now complete and the test developed by the WG will be included in the standard. Future evaluations of this method can be revisited in the test method WG For instance, testing of known references Another activity mentioned was resistance to UV light, which may be handled by the Bio based WG

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