Information November 2022

November 2022

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, in April this year, the ELGI established a technical consortium on sustainability within the grease industry. I am pleased to report that the first face to face meeting of the consortium took place in October in Amsterdam.

The objectives and indeed the outcome of the meeting were met, in so much as the members attending agreed on the construction of the consortium, the fees and protocols for the consortium and establish task forces with initial objectives to work on specific aspects of sustainability in the grease industry. Grease has some unique features which separates it from other lubricants, particularly manufacturing energy and end of life aspects to name just two.

During our meeting in Amsterdam there were robust discussions regarding sustainability within the grease industry with a varied and thorough analysis of the challenges that we face, but at the same time working together with all stake holders, their commitment to rise to these challenges and establish a responsible future for our industry was paramount.

Against this background we will consciously move forward; and the board of ELGI encourage you to join us on this journey. Attached is a summary with the structure and objectives of the task forces, of which if you are not a member but would like to be involved please either message me or Carol at the ELGI office. Also a registration form for companies to fill in and become members of the consortium is attached. The summary of the discussions of our first meeting 25th October 2022 will be available in due course

I look forward to developing the work of the consortium but really need your support, expertise and commitment to make this project work.

Terry Dicken
ELGI Chairman
November 2022

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