Information August 2022

August 2022

Sustainability is at the forefront of most companies’ agenda throughout most industries, none more so than the lubricants industry, with a dependence on fossil feedstock, energy reliant manufacturing procedures and significant disposal demands, the oil and lubricant manufactures and distributors are at the forefront of todays modern view on sustainability.

Some companies have a good knowledge and understanding of sustainability issues, larger organisation have dedicated staff and budgets set to deal with these issues which can provide an opportunity for competitive advantage.

Others view sustainability as something they need but may not have the deep understanding of what is required or the resources to implement procedures and requirements. Sustainability affects all our lives both personally and in business, investors are increasingly searching companies for their environmental and social governance commitment and strategy. New employees and future workforces are also looking at the sustainability credentials of organisations prior to joining them.

The values and goals of implementing a sustainability programme are very complicated and I think it’s fair to say as an industry we are missing key strategies and understandings of how we tackle the issue of sustainability. The aim of the ELGI Consortium is to define these issues and build a road map for the future, aimed at its members, ELGI along with UEIL, NLGI, ATIEL and ATP will formulate templates for sustainability, will challenge regulators and update our members on developments for our industry.

The grease industry is unique in the lubricants industry in several ways, grease production can have a significant energy requirement in the manufacturing process and while having some positive effects in use, friction reduction and possible energy saving for equipment using suitable greases, end of life and disposal provide significant challenges. With this in mind the ELGI want to provide its members with help and assistance on these matters as well as feeding information into the wider lubricant industry through its contacts and associations within our industry as mentioned above. The consortium will define benchmarks and templates to provide clarity to its members and the wider community regarding regulation, advice and guidance on the issue of sustainability.

The consortium will be frame worked similar to the REACh Consortium (ERGTC) with member companies contributing to the running costs, attending meetings, working on sub-committees, providing data where possible or purchasing assistance from third parties where required.
It is hoped the first face to face meeting will take place in Amsterdam on Tuesday 25th October during our Autumn events during 24th-27th October , check our website for updates

Prior to that we hope to have a Teams meeting in September with members who wish to join the consortium with an aim to finalise the agenda for the face to face in October. For those interested in either event or the wider aspects of our work, please contact the ELGI office in the first instance if you wish to attend the face to face meeting 25th October 2022; for information on the meeting venue Marriott Courtyard Hoofddorp Amsterdam (near Schiphol) and to book accommodation.

Tel:+31 20 6716 162

Terry Dicken
Chairman ELGI
August 2022

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