Best Paper Awards (BPA)

Hall Of Fame


Johan Leckner
Co-Author: René Westbroek

Axel Christiernsson International AB

“Polypropylene – a Novel Thickener Technology with many Surprises“

Link to 2017 BPA PDF


George Dodos

Eldon's Greece

“Valorization of Used Cooking Oil for the Production of Sustainable Lubricating Greases“

Link to 2016 BPA PDF


Gareth Fish

Lubrizol - Wickliffe, Ohio USA

“The development of energy efficient greases”

Link to 2015 BPA PDF


Siegfried Lucazeau

Nyco - Paris France

“Combination of Novel Antioxidant System and Thermally Stable Esters for High Temperature Greases”

Link to 2014 BPA PDF


George Dodos

Eldon's Greece

“A New Approach for Measuring Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases “

Link to 2014 BPA PDF


Piet Lugt

SKF Engineering & Research Centre Nieuwegein The Netherlands

“The lubrication mechanisms in grease lubricated rolling bearings"

Link to 2013 BPA PDF


Jaime Spagnoli

ExxonMobil Products Research & Technology – USA

“False brinelling test (Riffel) for wind turbine grease”

Link to 2012 BPA PDF


David DeVore

Co-Author: Shanshan Wang

Functional Products Inc., USA

“A Study of polymer additives in mineral oil and vegetable oil-based greases”

Link to 2011 BPA PDF


Bernhard Koch

Co-Authors: Thomas Litters, Nael Zaki

Fuchs Europe Schmierstoffe GmbH Germany

“Investigation on the visco-elastic properties of lubricating greases in dependency of base oil polarity and thickener type”

Link to 2010 BPA PDF


Chuck Coe

ExxonMobil -- United States

“Should grease upper operating temperature claims have a technical basis?”

Link to 2009 BPA PDF


Steve Nolan

Lubrizol - United Kingdom

“Evaluation of low temperature rheological properties of lubricating greases for centralised systems”.

Link to 2008 BPA PDF


Valentina Serra-Holm

Nynas Napthenics - Sweden

“Super heavy naphthenics: additive or base oil”.

Link to 2007 BPA PDF


Alun Williams

Airbus SAS – France

“Aircraft Greases - Expectations - Requirements - Areas of Effect“.

Link to 2006 BPA PDF