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Eurogrease Published Paper Overview

Date Publication
2013 02 April/MayJune E.M. Stempfel Biodegradable Lubricating Greases  20 Years Ago vs. Today
2013 02 April/MayJune C. Coe 2011 NLGI Grease Prouction Survey
2013 02 April/MayJune D.A. Piermann Main Bearing Lubrication for Wind Turbines A Systematic Approach for Grease Selection
2013 01 January/February/March P. Robinson Understanding the additive requirements for formulating a high performance ecolabel grease
2013 01 January/February/March P. Bessette Testing greases to determine their suitability for the long term lubrication of electrical grid circuit breakers
2012 04 October/November/December M. Fathi-Najafi; D. Hedlund, P. Nyman, T. Norrby Low temperature tribology A study of the influence of base oil characteristics on friction behaviour under low temperature conditions
2012 04 October/November/December E. Kuhn Friction and wear process within grease film
2012 04 October/November/December D. Hesse Specialty lubricants tailored for current and future brake system components
2012 03 July/August/September J-P. Stemplinger Wear behaviour of grease lubricated gears
2012 03 July/August/September M. Sommer Influence of grease components on the tribological behaviour of rubber seals
2012 03 July/August/September A. Orendorz Surface analysis – A powerful tool in the development and testing of new lubricants
2012 02 April/May/June J. Spagnoli False Brinelling Test (Riffel) for Wind Turbine Grease
2012 02 April/May/June P. Whitehead The financial implications of data generation for chemical registration under REACH
2012 02 April/May/June K.-J. Minis Future of the grease market in Germany
2012 01 January/February/March F. Herrero, G. Fish, W.C. Ward Extreme Pressure Performance of Greases
2012 01 January/February/March J. P. Kaperick, J. Guevremont, K. Hux A Study of Friction Modifiers in Grease
2011 04 October/November/December P. M. Lugt, A. van den Kommer, H. Lindgren, C. Roth The ROF+ methodology for grease life testing
2011 04 October/November/December S. Rovinetti, M. Avataneo, M. Beltramin, G. Boccaletti, V. Carsetti, G. Marchionni, F. Riganti, A. Russo The new frontier of fluorinated lubricants
2011 03 July/August/September M. Jungk Comparison testing of solid lubricants as dispersion, grease, paste and powder
2011 03 July/August/September A. Medzhibovskiy Specifics of energetic effect of anti-wear additives (friction modifiers) in lubricants
2011 03 July/August/September L. Honary A status update on manufacturing biobased grease with microwaves
2011 02 April/May/June D. Devore; S. Wang A Study of polymer additives in mineral oil and vegetable oil-based
2011 02 April/May/June P. Bessette The advantages and disadvantages of attenuated total reflectance, ATR, infrared spectroscopy
2011 02 April/May/June S. Hausmann Grease Thickeners - REACh registration progress (ERGTECF)
2011 02 April/May/June P. Boogaard Toxicity of lithium salts - how bad are they? (ERGTCEF)
2011 02 April/May/June E. Rushton Classification and labelling of products (CLP ERGTECF)
2011 01 January/February/March M. Fiedler Complexity of trilbological characterizations illustrated with poly-alpha-olefin grease
2011 01 January/February/March B. Koch, T. Litters, N. Zaki Influence of base oil polarity and thickener type on visco-elastic properties. Investigations with strain sweep rheometry at +25 ˚C amd +80 ˚C
2011 01 January/February/March H. Adolph, T. Litters Determination of the low remperature performance of lubricating greases - correlation of methods
2010 04 October/November/December O.A. Makedons'ky Grease market in Ukraine
2010 04 October/November/December M. Kuhn, P. Staub, M. Schweigkofler, A. Orendorz Tribolayer - lubricant additives protecting against wear
2010 04 October/November/December L. Honary Microwave based grease manufacturing - Now a reality
2010 03 July/August/September E. Kuhn, M. A. Delgado Canto Description of the structural degradation of lubricating greases as a reation of th tribological system
2010 03 July/August/September Y.L. Ishchuk, O.A. Mishchuk, O.O. Makedons'ky, A.V. Shaposhnyk, A.V. Bogaichuk Lubrication properties of high performance greases for various applicaitons: ratings of efficiency
2010 02 April/May/June E. Kuhn Some comments about the tribology of lubricating greases
2010 02 April/May/June P. Logvinenko, B. Volodymir, S. Riabov, P. Bolgarin Technological Lubricant based on rapeseed oil, products and wastes of its reprocessing
2010 01 January/February/March M. Jungk Anti-friction as supplement to grease or oil lubrication
2009 04 October/November/December V. Serra-Holm The changes in the global base oil market and their potential impact on the grease industry
2009 04 October/November/December R. Zhang Development and characterisation of high performance overbased calcium oleate complex grease
2009 04 October/November/December G. Fish Development of greases with extended grease and bearing life
2009 03 July/August/September P.-O. Larsson-Kråik Get your grease prize being grease wise
2009 03 July/August/September L. Honary New developmenbts in biobased and conventional grease manufacturing processes
2009 03 July/August/September C. Coe Shouldn't grease upper operating temperature claims have a technical basis?
2009 02 April/May/June A. Begg; P.M. Lugt; F.C.M. Fiddelaers SKG grease knowledge and sustainability
2009 02 April/May/June E. Nehls; T. Habereder Additive systems for biodegradable greases, according to European Ecolabel
2009 02 April/May/June P. Whitehead REACH update and current acitivities
2009 01 January/February/March R.I. Popovici; D.J. Schipper Modelling contact phenomena and those influenced by greases
2009 01 January/February/March S. Bots; P. Weismann Used grease analysis; smallest sample volume provides detailed information
2009 01 January/February/March E. Gorritxategi; J. Terradillos; A. & E. Aranzabe; A. Arnaiz; Novel method for lube quality status assessment based on visible spectrometric analysis
2008 04 October/November/December G. Fish; W.C. Ward Jr.; F. Qureshi Influence of components blended to a target base oil viscosity on liquid phasse and lithium grease properties
2008 04 October/November/December P.A. Guarda; F. Riganti; G. Marchionni; A. Di Meo Linear PFPE oils with improved thermal stability
2008 04 October/November/December M. Jungk; D. Drees; S. Achanta Grease tackiness/adhesion
2008 03 July/August/September V. Serra-Holm Naphthenic bright stocks: tomorrow's possibility or today's reality?
2008 03 July/August/September M. Grebe Various influencing factors on the development of standstill marks (false brinelling effect)
2008 03 July/August/September C.R. Coe Development and field testing of a heavy duty synthetic polyurea grease
2008 02 April/May/June P. Teixeira Gomes Lubricant & grease market in Portugal
2008 02 April/May/June J.-C. Dufour The European lubricants market
2008 02 April/May/June S. Nolan Evaluation of low temperature properties of lubricating greases for centralised systems
2008 01 January/February/March M. Jungk Silicone oil based greases - a new apporach
2008 01 January/February/March M. Bichler The new "MoreQuiet" grease noise evaluation system: the best of two worlds
2007 04 October/November/December A. Williams Creating a lithium based aircraft wheel bearing grease
2007 04 October/November/December H. Adolph; P. Bartl Compatibility and interchangeability of NATO-Greases
2007 04 October/November/December A. Bessette The amount of PTFE in perfluoropolyether grease by the enthalpy of fusion
2007 03 July/August/September E. Kuhn Influence of the soap content of lubricating greases on the tribological process
2007 03 July/August/September A. Swallow; J. Spenceley Globally harmonised system (GHS) for the classification and labelling of chemicals
2007 03 July/August/September E. Kobylyansky; H. Kravchuk; Y. Ishchuk; O. Oliynykov Overbased phenolate complex greases
2007 02 April/May/June S. Harley REACH: an update on the forthcoming regulation
2007 02 April/May/June G. Gow, M. Fathi-Najafi, M. Kruse REACH-free lubrication with a novel polymer thickened lubricant
2007 02 April/May/June V. Serra-Holm Super heavy naphthenics: additive or base oil?
2007 02 April/May/June L.A.T. Honary Biobased greases and lubricants: technology advances and market opportunities
2007 01 January/February/March W. Ewald, T. Lange, S. Dörr, J. Moilanen Impact of various base oils on the low temperature properties of lithium greases
2007 01 January/February/March A. Williams Aircraft greases - expectations - requirements - areas of effect
2007 01 January/February/March T. Litters, G. Jacobs Modern terephthalamate greases, a renaissance?
2006 04 October/November/December Test Methods Working Group (TMWG), D. Miller Comparison of standards
2006 04 October/November/December V.M.M.B da Mota, L.A.A. Ferreira Experimental investigations on rolling contact fatgue of artificially dented surfaces under grease elastohydrodynamic lubrication
2006 04 October/November/December M. Fathi Najafi, S.Breum Hansen Keeping it simple is probably the best: thread compound development for the on - and offshore industry
2006 04 October/November/December Jisheng E, G. Fish, S. Rosenkranz, F. Reher Comparison between PDSC and oxygen bomb test methods for evaluation of grease oxidation stability
2006 03 July/August/September R. Vanecek Eastern European grease market
2006 03 July/August/September W.J. Bartz Tribological aspects of wind energy plants
2006 03 July/August/September J. Terradillos; M. Bilbao; J.I. Ciria; A. Malaga; J. Ameye Oil analysis as an improvement tool for the behaviour of wind turbine gears: main problems detected through the condition of the lubricant
2006 02 April/May/June S. Harley A guide to REACh for ELGI members
2006 02 April/May/June M. Morris REACh grease consortium
2006 02 April/May/June S. Harley REACh - an update on the forthcoming regulation
2006 02 April/May/June G. Gow Implications of REACh from a grease producer's perspective
2006 02 April/May/June A. Swallow Eco-laber: how do esters match up?
2006 01 January/February/March A. Swallow; J. Eastwood Selection criteria of esters in environmentally acceptable greases
2005 06 November/December J. Deelen Flexible containerised module system for greaase production
2005 06 November/December C.F. Kernizan; S.J. Nolan; P.S. Greenfield; C.L. Hollingshurst Desiccated lithium - a novel saponification agent for lithium soap grease manufacture
2005 06 November/December J.S. Kay, P.E. Morgan; D. Morgan Evaluation of various raw material options for producting aluminium complex greases
2005 05 September/October P.A. Bessette Some insights regarding the filtration of lubricating grease
2005 05 September/October A. Arranzabe et al Comparing different analytical techniques to monitor lubricating grease degradation
2005 05 September/October J. Zuleeg Predition of stick-slip behaviour with the aid of the oscillation friction wear tester SRV
2005 04 July/August E. Kuhn; V. Kapoor; T. Rieling Deformation tests with model greases using a rheometer
2005 04 July/August L. Hughes; A. Swallow A Study of the possible impact of REACH for an automotive grease manufacturer
2005 04 July/August M. Gullaner To Bi or not to Bi…Bismuth in the soap structure
2005 04 July/August B.S. Nagarkoti; S.H. Dalvi; A.K. Jain; B. Rameswar; G. Baskaran Railroad tapered roller bearing grease
2005 03 May/June M. Morris European Communities - Lubricants Rco-Label
2005 03 May/June J. Cliff The UK Grease Market
2005 02 March/April M. E. Hunter; presentated by C. van Booma Synergistic rust inhibitor and EP/AW additives for greases
2005 01 January/February J. Eastwood; A. Swallow Selection of esters in environmentally acceptable greases
2004 06 November/December P.A. Bessette Determining the low temperature properties of grease with a Brookfield Viscometer
2004 06 November/December N. van Leeuw Grease lubricating requirements for centralised lubrication systems in turnkey plants
2004 05 September/October P.C. Hamblin; S. Laemlin; P. Rohrbach; J. Reyes-Gavilan; D. Zschech Evaluation of the thermo-oxidative characteristics of greases by pressurised differential scanning calorimetry
2004 05 September/October T.W. Dicken Update of draft AMS-M-99D general purpose airframe grease
2004 05 September/October E.M. Stempfel; M. Baumann Environmentally acceptable lubricants in railway applications
2004 04 July/August Kobylyansky; Ishchuk; Abramovych; Makedonsky Nano-technologies in lubricatin materials ideas & prospects
2004 04 July/August H. Ridderikhof Safety health & environment considerations in the selection & development of base-fluids for industrial lubricants
2004 04 July/August J.M. Kurosky Advanced grease compositions for marine, inland waterway & water processing applications
2004 03 May/June B. Johnson The use of a stress rheometer in lieu of cone penetration
2004 03 May/June P. Maccone New effective thickener for fluorinated greases
2004 03 May/June J. Baudner; L. Kanne Grease concept for the reduction of relubrication quantities in the stell industry
2004 02 March/April B. Johnson; J. Ameye Condition monitoring of anti-oxidant chemistry of in-service bulk greases
2004 02 March/April W. Mackwood; R. Muir; K. Brown; T. Austin Reduction in power plant maintenance using calcium sulfonate complex grease
2004 01 January/February M. D. Kieke; R.J. Klein Earth friendly vegetable oil based greases thickened with organophilic clay
2004 01 January/February S. Nolan Use of a controlled stress rheometer to evaluate rheological properties of grease
2003 06 November/December V. Serra-Holm Life cycle assessment (LCA) from cradle to gate of mineral and vegetable base oils used in the production of lubricants
2003 06 November/December A. Willing Environmental classification of formulations according to the dangerous preparations directive (99/45/EEC)
2003 05 September/October M. Jungk What have silicones & perfluoropolyethers in common?
2003 05 September/October R. Luther Lubricating greases & the environment: viewpoints on actual European legislation
2003 04 July/August O. Makedonsky Structure and physico-chemical properties of overbased calcium sulfonate complex greases
2003 04 July/August J. Hirigoyen; E. Gard Tribological properties of fullerene type additives, the astralenes, shown in comparison with standard solid lubricants in a lithium grade 2 standard grease
2003 02 March/April A. Aranzabe Garcia The application of micro technologies in condition monitoring of grease in centralised systems
2003 02 March/April O. Rohr Preformed soap as thickener and EP-additive for grease production
2003 01 January/February J. Kurosky; S. Mehdi; V. Zanfir Grease compatibility or performance dilution?
2003 01 January/February W. Mackwood Calcium sulfonate complex grease: the next generation food machinery grease
2002 06 November/December S. Broersen LubeSelect: bearing lubricant selection tool
2002 06 November/December E. Kuhn; T. Schmidt Investigation into the cohesion behaviour of lubricating greases with a new pendulum tribometer
2002 05 September/October L. Muntada The ubricant market in Spain
2002 05 September/October J. S. Kay; R.S. Panesar Optimising the manufacture of lithium grease with the Stratco contactor reactor
2002 04 July/August S. Peters European dangerous preparations directive (DPD) 1999/45/EC and its influence on labelling
2002 04 July/August J. Eastwood EC dangerous preparations directive (DPD) application to greases and ingredients
2002 03 May/June H. Gustafsson Environmental requirements for lubricating grease and hydraulic fluids
2002 03 May/June A. Feβenbecker Environmentally acceptable lubricants: an additive point of view
2002 03 May/June J. Cliff The Austrian grease market
2002 03 May/June K. Yano The NSF International non-food compounds registration and listing programme
2002 03 May/June Rhein Chemie CD test methods for industrial lubricants
2002 03 May/June C. van Booma Ashless rust inhibitors for greases
2002 02 March/April M. Jungk; H. Stoegbauer New developments in automotive ball joint greases
2002 01 January/February P.M. Cann Friction behaviour of grease in rolling-sliding EHL contacts
2001 06 November/December A. van den Kommer; J. Ameye Prediction of remaining grease life: a new approach and method by linear sweep voltammetry
2001 06 November/December T. Litters; W. Dresel; C. Nemack Some findings with the Vogel FTG 2 tester according to Marawe: a new test method for measuring the tendency of lubricating greases to separate oil and to harden under pressure
2001 05 September/October W. Möller Grease pack recommendations
2001 05 September/October H. Reust The Swiss chemical legislation: present and future
2001 05 September/October A. Mistry; R. Bradbury Performance of lubricating grease in the presence of water
2001 04 July/August F. Meier Swiss grease market
2001 04 July/August E. Kuhn A stress-strain diagram for lubricating greases
2001 04 July/August P.S. Greenfield et al Functionalised polymers in grease: past, present and future
2001 03 May/June T.J. Hansel; W.W. Mullins Heavy duty transmission and axle lubricants mineral or synthetic for extended drain?
2001 03 May/June S. Hazan; B. Tanner Lubricant registrations under the NSF international non-food compounds registration programme
2001 02 March/April C. Köhler Food grade lubricants
2001 02 March/April J. Root Polyurea grease thickeners, a grease researcher's dream
2001 01 January/February M.D. Kieke An overview of lubricants thickened with organically modified clay
2000 06 November/December H. Bäckström Technical white oil for food-grade greases
2000 06 November/December W. Möller; G. Koch Labelling trends in the European lube oil industry
2000 05 September/October D. Bell Measurement of viscoelasticity in greases using dynamic compressional flow
2000 05 September/October P. Vergne et al Effect of carrier base solvency in greases: microstructure, properties and performances
2000 04 July/August G. Dodos The grease market in Greece
2000 04 July/August A. Mistry New global aerospace grease: SAE AMS-M core specification
2000 03 May/June C. van Booma; M.E. Hunter; R.F. Baker Corrosion: rust and beyond
2000 03 May/June L.A.T. Honary Field test results of soybean based greases developed by the UNI-ABIL research programme
2000 02 March/April D. Miller; W. Bernaards Environmentally acceptable thread compounds
2000 02 March/April E. Kuhn Viscosity rate and energy density
2000 01 January/February L. Honary Harvesting seeds planted by checkoff dollars: UNI-ABIL research programme & soybean-based industrial lubricants
2000 01 January/February I.G. Fuks; L. Bagdadarov New greases for the Russian automotive industry
2000 01 January/February E. Gard Solid lubricants! What is the future?
1999 06 November/December A.S. Polishuk Saponification for lithium greases made easier
1999 06 November/December G. Daniel et al New generation lithium complex multipurpose grease
1999 05 September/October S. Daegling Low noise greases: standards of measuring techniques and application
1999 05 September/October J. Pohlen; G. Gow From black to white: problem solving for heavy load application
1999 04 July/August A. Prato Lubricants in the food industry: market and applications
1999 04 July/August C. Streun Lubricants in the food industry: legislation and chemistry
1999 03 May/June S. Hurley; P.M. Cann Grease composition and film thickness in rolling contacts
1999 03 May/June P. Waara; P.-O. Larsson Grease behaviour in a rail lubricating system exposed to arctic conditions
1999 02 March/April J.P. King A novel solid extreme pressure/antiwear lubricant additive
1999 02 March/April J. Richter Optimizing efficiency indices of constant-velocity joints with low-friction lubricants
1999 01 January/February D.A. Slack ASTM protocol for grease test method approval
1999 01 January/February U. Duus Ren Smörja I Göteborg: a development project for environmentally adapted lubricants in Sweden
1999 01 January/February P.-O. Larsson; R. Larsson Combined experimental/numerical approach: influence of different lubricating properties
1998 06 November/December E. Kuhn Investigation of stressed greases by use of a rheometer
1998 06 November/December P. Vergne Lubricating greases, correlation between composition & rheology
1998 05 September/October A. Polishuk A brief review of calcium greases
1998 05 September/October B. Williamson; D. Miller Condition monitoring of grease lubricated rolling element bearings
1998 04 July/August J. Cliff The institute of petroleum (IP) protocol for test method approval
1998 04 July/August A. Kemble Evaluation of industrial bearing grease performance
1998 04 July/August R. Karbacher Measuring the lubricant film thickness in rolling bearings
1998 03 May/June G. Gow What's the't? A personal reflection on the state of the art
1998 03 May/June A. Mistry; R. Bradbury An evaluation of the relationship between the low temperature torque,
the apparent viscosity and the low temperature cone penetration of lubricating greases
1998 02 March/April G. Gow PO1: the story of the moral
1998 02 March/April E. Kuhn Lubricating grease : an active element of the tribological system
1998 01 January/February T. Rosemann; R. Hunt Correlation between bearing test rig performance and rheology based on a study of greases consisting of perfluorinated polyether fluids thickened with PFTE
1998 01 January/February M. Jungk; D. Hesse Silicone oil based fluids as a tool to taylor high performance lubricating greases
1997 06 November/December P. Cann Grease lubricant films in rolling contacts
1997 06 November/December T. Endo Current trends in diurea greases in Japan
1997 06 November/December W.J. Bartz Synthetic lubricating greases: a survey
1997 05 September/October R. Santorelli Accelerated oxidation stability test: an example of application in anti-oxidant additive selection
1997 05 September/October H. Kröner; E. Kleinlein Rolling bearing greases tested relevant to practical conditions
1997 05 September/October J. Cliff A Quest ion of balance
1997 05 September/October J. Tóth; C. Dudás Possibilities of development of aluminium compounds used as thickeners for lubricating greases
1997 04 July/August S. Leifheit; J. Maretzke Grease lubrication in vehicles
1997 04 July/August H. Glüsing; E. Kuhn Systematic effects on the precision of penetration readings: a contribution to the rheology of
lubricating greases
1997 04 July/August M. Pfeiffer Improvement of the delivery times at Axel Christiernsson… by matching the batches & series
1997 03 May/June M. Fuchs The European lubricating grease market
1997 03 May/June G. Fish Constant velocity joint  (CVJ) greases
1997 02 March/April P. Srinivasan New generation high performance greases
1997 02 March/April H.J. Dittebrandt Castor oil derivatives
1997 01 January/February R. Santorelli An accelerated test method for oxidation stability to predict the behaviour of lubricating greases under severe dynamic conditions
1997 01 January/February K.J. Hole; C.R. Scharf; H.F. George The enhancement of grease structure through the use of functionalised polymer systems
1996 06 November/December P. Vergne Formulation of lubricating suspensions from rheological criteria
1996 06 November/December Y.L. Ischuk; A.D. Stakhursky Expanded graphite as a dispersed phase for greases
1996 05 September/August R. Stuart Condition monitoring of offshore crane slewing bearing assemblies
1996 05 September/August T. Dell'Oro Strategic manufacturing management
1996 04 July/August E. Kuhn; H. Mörtz Investigation into the rheological behaviour of tribologically stressed greases
1996 04 July/August O. Rohr Bismuth: a new metallic but non-toxic replacement for lead in extreme pressure greases and
industrial EP liquid lubricants and sulphur: an ashless and non-metallic key element in general lubrication
1996 04 July/August G. Ponti; M. Valenetti The grease market in Italy
1996 03 May/June W.J. Bartz Lubricants and the environment
1996 03 May/June P.M. Cann Cost 516 Tribology
1996 02 March/April Y. Lefaucheux Environmental management and lubricants
1996 02 March/April L. Hamnelid 1994 Survey of test methods in practical use
1996 01 January/February R. Becker; A. Knorr Comparative study of the oxidation of vegetable oils and the effectiveness of antioxidants
1996 01 January/February E. M. Stempfel; H. Hostettler; H.R. Gasser Practical experience with highly biodegradable lubricants, especially hydraulic oils and
lubricating greases
1995 06 November/December G.A. Bell The effect of PTFE particle characteristics on grease formulation & performance
1995 06 November/December G.T.Y. Wan Monitoring rolling bearing operating condition
1995 05 September/August C. Gallegos; J.M. Franco Gómez Rheology of lubricating greases
1995 05 September/August S. Harold; P. Todd Design of greases and other lubricants using ecologically responsive technology
1995 04 July/August M. Kingston Filter cleaning
1995 04 July/August R. Weyandt Principles of ecotoxicology and problems with testing substances which have low water solubility
1995 03 May/June L. Muntada The lubricant market in Spain
1995 03 May/June E. Kuhn Some aspects of an estimation of the behaviour of tribological stressed greases
1995 03 May/June T. Dell'Oro North American lubricants cost management: present, past, future
1995 02 March/April E. Kleinlein Operating of ball and roller bearing at low temperatures
1995 02 March/April D. Smit EC legislation directives on health, safety and the environment
1995 01 January/February P.M. Cann The influence of temperature on the lubricating behaviour of a lithium hydroxystearate grease
1994 July Ferenc Supply & demand of lubricants in Hungary
1994 July Ischuk; Nemirovska; Borisenko; Stakhursky Role of the dispersion medium in structurisation of diurea grease
1994 January Pane Sulphonates as rust & corrosion inhibitors in grease
1994 April Astrom; Hoglund Viewpoints on noise in grease lubricating bearings
1994 April Basset Gear greases & their applications
1993 October Williams; Siptak The use of organoclays in clay-based grease
1993 October Schmidt; Huls Modified natural base oils
1993 July Nemack Biodegradable lubricants used in lubricating greases
1993 July Alberto; Belin The running in of big gears - a lubrication affair
1993 July Barbosa Lubricating grease production in Portugal
1993 January Korff; Röhrs Heavy metal-free additives for lubricating grease
1993 January Dalmas; Chaomleffel Grease film thickness & traction in elastorheodynamic point contacts
1993 April Montagna New soluble additives for perflourinated greases
1992 October Charlton The effective in-service lubrication of wire ropes
1992 October Kendall; Williamson The influence of grease composition on film thickness in EHD contacts
1992 July Beghini Cleanliness & its importance to bearing performance
1992 July Jacobs; Stringfellow Graphite & lead based thread compounds compared
1992 January Stempfel; Schmid Biodegradable lubricating greases
1992 January Holinski Solid lubricants as additives in greases
1992 January Kruschwitz Aluminium complex greases
1992 April Stang; Jansson Characterisation of base oils used in grease manufacturing
1991 October Lefevre Classification & labelling of dangerous chemicals in the European community
1991 October Van Knijff Grease packages & the environment
1991 October Sottomayor; Campos; Seabra; Ferreira Friction force in an EHD contact
1991 August Kleinlein FAG-FE9 test system, test rig general machining principle & application of the results to practice
1991 August Hoglund; Isaksson; Wikstrom The influence of the rheology & lubricity of greases on energy loses in machines
1991 August Ischuk; Kobylianski Integrated test methods to determine shear strength, water induced & thermal setting of grease
1991 August Cann; Aderin; Spikes Optical & infrared studies of EHD behaviour of greases
1991 April Leluan Lubrication of the TGV railway axel box