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Rheology of Lubricating Grease

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Oil Separation & Rheometry of Grease

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Eurogrease Magazine

Technical journal for the grease industry

The Eurogrease is aimed at commercial and technical people who are involved in the manufacture, supply and use of lubricating grease. 

It is our objective to become a focal point for exchange of information and also to present a co-ordinated view on matters which internationally impact the industry. 

Digital Eurogrease

The Future!

We are modernising and keeping our activities up to date. And as part of this programme we will be publishing Eurogrease in a digital format commencing January 2012.

The digital magazine will reduce the use of paper and the very high mailing costs.
Eurogrease 1 & 2 will still be issued as a hard copy but will be phased out mid 2012.
The Eurogrease Magazine will be available to a wider audience and we will be able to offer more opportunities for full colour advertising.

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